Earn Easy Cash
With Low Risk Golf Betting


John Bookman

Hi - I'm John Bookman.

and I have been making between $75 to $260 dollars per week over
the past year by low-risk betting on Golf Tournaments.

Although on the face of it not a large sum, but that money has made
a huge difference to my life! And of course once you become more confident in the method you can ramp that up (as I am now doing).

Why Golf Betting?

Why golf betting you may ask? Well, for me, although golf is an unpredictable game to play if you are an amateur or club golfer,
among the professional ranks it is actually quite predictable -
especially on the final 9 holes on a Sunday (usually the last day of a professional golf tournament).

How Do I Do It?

Well if you want to find out my strategy and try it out for yourself
then you can do that for less than $3 by buying my new Kindle ebook
from Amazon.

It is a short book, but it outlines my strategy in detail with no fluff
or filler.

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Case Study

Just as an example (one I go into in great detail in the book) see
below winnings for the 2014 USPGA Golf Championship.

This is a screen grab from my Betfair account for the competition
which shows winnings of £158.47 (just over $260) after Betfair commission. Not bad for just watching a bit of golf on TV!


I cannot guarantee that you will be as succesful as I have been (and continue to be) but isn't it worth $3 to find out?

What difference would an extra $150-$300 per week make to your life?

I suspect quite a bit. And once you are comfortable with the strategy
and with how to work it you can up the stakes and $150 per week could easily become $1,500 per week.

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When you buy the ebook you also get exclusive access to the members area at www.lowriskgolfbetting.com/members where you will able
to view additional information as well as gain access to
exclusive files and images.

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